Daytime Incontinence (Day Wetting)

Daytime wetting is often caused by a problem with how the bladder works.

This may be due to a bladder that:

  • Doesn’t hold onto very much urine (wee), causing frequent toileting and accidents
  • Doesn’t empty properly and then leaks later on
  • Holds on well (but for too long) and then leaks, like it is overflowing

Daytime incontinence occurs in up to 12% of 5-17 year olds, and is more common in girls than boys.

Children who wet during the day may also have problems with bedwetting and/or bowel problems such as constipation.


If your child has daytime wetting you should seek help.  Sometimes children grow out of it but often this is not the case.

Help for daytime wetting may involve a number of different treatments depending on what is best for your child.  At Dry Kidz treatment for day time wetting is a partnership with the child, parents and GP or paediatrician.

A day time wetting program may include:

  • Toileting programs and strategies
  • Bladder Training
  • Treatment of constipation
  • Teaching your child how their body works & helping him/her to understand what is going wrong
  • Fluid management