Toilet Training

Toilet training can be both an exciting and frustrating time for parents & children. Whilst some children sail through toilet training with ease others require more help.

Many children sail through toilet training with ease whilst others require a little bit more help.

Unfortunately some children require quite a lot of help to toilet train.  This might be for the bladder (wee) or bowel (poo).

The age at which children are reliably toilet trained varies. Some children are fully trained between 2-3 years of age whilst for others it is between 3 -4 years of age.

When toilet training difficulties arise sometimes extra help is required, especially to assist the parent/child relationship

There may be a different approach that you can take or sometimes your child may listen to an outsider better than they do to mum or dad (even though the advice may be the same).  A professional can also assess whether there are other factor/s occurring that may be holding your child back from being toilet trained.

If your child needs just a little or a lot of help this is available at any age/stage.